eBook - Floral Bouquet Traceables

🌸🎨 Boost Your Painting Skills with "Floral Bouquet Traceables" eBook! πŸ“˜

My downloadable eBook, "Floral Bouquet Traceables", is packed with 12 hand-sketched designs inspired by gorgeous bouquets. 

But that's not all! Each design comes with a reference photo and sketch, so you can practice, experiment and create stunning artworks right from the comfort of your home.

 Here's what awaits you inside:

  • Artistic Exploration: Paint the same design in various ways using different colors and techniques. Discover how many unique looks you can create from just one sketch!

  • Design Insight: Learn how to add or remove elements from reference photos to design a more interesting and balanced composition.

  • Transfer Techniques: Get ideas on how to transfer these designs onto fine art surfaces - all included at the end of the eBook.


Ready to dive into this artistic adventure?

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