eDownload - Printable Floral Greeting Cards

Love Beautiful Greeting Cards?

What if you had ready to print floral greeting cards right at your fingertips for any time you need them?

This is for you! I've put together a collection of 5 of my personal favorite card designs (see image below) that you can print and use as cards of your own!

If you are looking for beautiful floral greeting cards without having to come up with & paint a design of your own, this is the perfect solution.

The process is simple. 

1. Download the PDF's inside of the dashboard.

2. Choose the paper you want to print your cards on.

3. Print the cards & give them to friends & loved ones as a beautiful card with your own messaging!

Note: There are no painting lessons in this. Only downloadable cards with my floral designs. If you'd like learn how to make cards of your own, check out my new class, Let's Paint Floral Greeting Cards!

*The cards in this class are copyrighted by Suzanne Allard & are permitted to be used for personal use ONLY. No selling or mass production of the designs are allowed.

$47.00 USD