From Painting To Product: Simplified

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Have you ever dreamed of being able to digitize your artwork & turn it into literally anything you want?

Maybe you have the desire to create art prints, or put your art on products of your own, like mugs, dresses, pillows, or scarves!

Maybe you’ve been looking for ways to turn your passion for art into a business! 👇 👇 

 If you’ve ever explored the possibilities of digitizing your own beautiful artwork, this is for you!

Whether you want to create art prints of your designs, or even an array of physical products, being able to digitize your art opens up a whole new world of possibilities & unique ways to proudly display the art you create!

In this class, you will:

  • Learn how to gather inspiration for a beautiful floral pattern.
  • Learn how to design a painting that will work well on products without having to make it a technical repeat.
  • Learn how to draw and paint florals freehand and/or how to use tracing.
  • Learn how I scan and edit with the Epson V600 scanner and Photoshop but also…
  • Learn how to achieve the same results without having to purchase a scanner or Photoshop. 
  • Learn some tips on using a DSLR camera to capture your artwork in high resolution as an option
  • Learn how to use a free app to clean and edit your work and a hack to save the high resolution image.
  • Learn how to set up your artwork to be printed on multiple products.
  • Learn how to set up your account on a print on demand website and start ordering products for yourself, friends and family!

You're going to walk away with the ability to wear your art or make pillows, aprons, scarves, mugs, and on and on!

Ready to visualize & display your artwork in a new, exciting way? Join us in this class today!

Save $100 (Over 50% off!) using the code 'DIGITIZE50' at checkout!

$197.00 USD